Storytelling Classes

The Art and Architecture of Storytelling

Want to learn the art of storytelling?

Give us 7 sessions (all on zoom, so no driving!) and we’ll coax your story from the kernel of an idea into a full-fledged ready-to-hit-the-stage polished gem. Along the way, you’ll learn, laugh and love every minute within our tight-knit community of only 10 students.

Strong Words Class 2024

The Art + Architecture of Storytelling

Workshop includes 7 online sessions
10 students max

Wednesdays @ 6-8PM PST
February 21 – April 3, 2024

In 6 weeks you will go from a blank page to a polished 5-minute story that is performance ready. Co-taught by Larry Dean Harris and Marlene Nichols, the Strong Words philosophy is that every storyteller has their personal and unique style that needs to shine through. Whether you’re brand new to this medium or a seasoned performer, each new story starts with curiosity and the blank page. We guide you through the development, editing, and rehearsal process of a story to help you understand your own creative process. You’ll walk away not only with a fabulous story, but with a model for how to write for performance.

By Tina Tomiyama

Your Strong Words workshop gave me just the right tools, inspiration and encouragement I needed to write a compelling story and deliver it with conviction. Thank you, Larry and Marlene!

Margaret Mitchell

You are masters at refining a story to it’s essence, discarding whatever does not advance its theme, and giving detailed notes on acting and delivery. Appreciate your fine eye for nuance and detail making my story zing.

Judy Hollis

A safe, supportive and, most of all, fun journey into the world of storytelling with the experts: Larry and Marlene!


Larry and Marlene held the lantern while I dug and helped me find and polish a gem of a story that I needed to write.

Kelly Arden

I'm addicted to Strong Words. I can't get enough of Larry and Marlene's wisdom and energy!


The class and this project is truly enjoyable and motivating.

David Okihiro

As an attorney and communications professional, my livelihood depends upon storytelling. This class allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and into a personal storytelling space, while learning more about engaging audiences with tight, beat-driven stories.

Dina Horwedel

These past couple of weeks have allowed me to see the storyteller I AM and the storytellers you all ARE too.

Johnny Burke

The Strong Words instructors know their $#¡+. Better still, they are insightful and compassionate in helping the storyteller learn the craft and improve his/her story. I cannot recommend their course highly enough!

Dante A. Bacani

I highly recommend the Strong Words Intro Class. They helped me find the ideas that were laying dormant inside of my soul and helped me to organize those thoughts, feelings and events into a story. Larry and Marlene helped me to develop the story in a way that stayed true to my initial vision.

The later part of the workshop helped us not only with the performance aspect but how to make the story flow from a written to a spoken piece of art.

I took what they taught and revisited other pieces that I had written. Using their lessons on editing, action and flow helped me to bring those pieces to a story of which I am proud.

Everyone in the class was so supportive. It felt like more than a class. I encourage everyone to take this workshop. Whether you are looking to write a million stories or if you just want your voice to be heard, don’t pass up this chance!

Amanda Albrizze